Conferences Convened


Organized the International Conference, SUTRA, Storytelling in the Digital Age at NID in collaboration with Glorianna Davenport, MIT Media Lab, USA.

Conference Papers


"Ethnographies through Animation", a paper presenttaion at an international conferenceDe-territoriazing Identities: Cultures, Literatures and the languages of the Indegnous organized by the Department of English, Maharaja Agrasen College, at Delhi University, New Delhi, on 7th February, 2013.


Presented a paper ' Sewn Narratives' at the First Global Conference on Storytelling at Prague, on May 13th 2012

Presented a paper 'Art as Identity', co-authored with Judy Frater at the Cumulus Conference, Northern World Mandate on 'What is the function of Art in Contemporary Society, organized by Aalto University School of Design and Architecture, at Helsinki, on 25th May 2012

Presented a paper 'Social Mobility: Narrative Experiments with Traditional Textiles in Kutch' at a national conference on The Status of Folklore and Oral Discourse among the Endangered Languages and Cultures of India organized by CIIL (Central Institute of Indian Languages), and Indian Folklore Congress, at Mysore on 17th December, 2012.

'Animated Ethnography' at an international conference ASA12 at JNU, Delhi, organized by the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and the Commonwealth, 4th April 2012


Presented a paper 'Coded Aspirations in the Kaavad' at a national conference on Semiotics and Folklore organized by NEHU (North Eastern Hill University), at NEHU, Shillong, on 27th September, 2011.


Presented a paper 'Kaavad : A site for Multiple Identities' at a conference organized by the 34th Indian Folklore Congress at the Nagaland University, Kohima, on 9th December, 2010.

Presented a paper 'Homing in with Stories' at the International conference Designing for Children, organized and hosted by IDC on February 3rd 2010


Presented a paper 'A Structural Analysis of the Kaavad Phenomenon using Propp's methods' at a conference organized by the 33rd Indian Folklore Congress at the Manipur University, Imphal, Manipur on 16th November 2009.


Presented Mukund and Riaz at 'Siyahi's Mantles of Myth - Narratives in Indian Textiles' at Jaipur, December

'Using Digital Media for the Study and Documentation of Kaavad Tradition in Rajasthan' A Paper presentation at the 31st Indian Folklore Congress and International Conference' - February 18-21, 2008 at Shantiniketan, W Bengal.


'What's the story?', PUBLIC SERVICE REVIEW: TRANSPORT, LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND THE REGIONS, UK Co-authored with Dr Anxo Roibas, University of Brighton, UK


'Claiming Animation for India', ANIMAC, SPAIN 2005 'The Challenges of a Sleeping Giant', vol. XXI # 4 DESIGN ISSUES, USA


'Traveling Stories' at the International conference on Storytelling, Sutra: Storytelling in the Digital Age, organized by NID and MIT Media Lab, NID, Ahmedabad, in December, 2002


'A Student Remembers' , contribution to a book Nasreen in Retrospect


'Frame by Frame', A paper prepared for a symposium on teaching animation in Urbino, Italy,

NID Publications 'Quick on the Draw' TIMES OF INDIA '92


'Castles in the air' DESIGNFOLIO 8 NID'89

'What's the story' CINEMA ACTION, France,'88

'An animator's story' INDIAN EXPRESS, Ahmedabad'88

'About myself, about my work' WOMEN IN DESIGN, Rizzoli, New York'87.

'New directions in Indian animation' SUNDAY SENTINEL, Guwahati'84.