The story is in the telling


"My approach promo code olymptrade to work is collaborative, be it doing research, making films or books. I find the process as exciting and important as the work itself. I have grown to love working with communities, and sharing stories has been the greatest inspiration. Interaction with diverse communities has made me aware that everyone has a story to tell and that story is in the telling."



Book Launch

Kaavad Tradition of Rajasthan

Launch of Kaavad Tradition of Rajasthan — A Portable Pilgrimage at Artisans, Mumbai on 10th September, 2014

The Kaavad of Rajasthan is a portable shrine with multiple doors that fold into themselves. The Kaavadiya Bhat or the storyteller journeys with this brightly painted wooden box to the homes of his patrons, to recite their genealogies and regale them with the stories of the pantheon of deities painted on the shrine.


My Gandhi Story launched at Kitab Khana, Mumbai during the Kala Ghoda Festival, 2014.



Tanko Bole Chhe wins award

Best Short Film for Tanko Bole Chhe at the 9th International Film Festival on Crafts held at Montpellier, France between 7th-9th March, 2014