Digital Collages

The images are a part of a book that was created in collaboration with Lyn Bishop at SIGGRAPH


For Nina, the act of painting is akin to meditation: one begins somewhat purposefully until one realises that the Babel of thought-voices has transformed into the language of calm. She labels her imagery as ‘Innerscapes’. It is a lot like looking at marks on the wall—one’s interpretation of her images reflects one’s present frame of mind.

- Priyanka Bhattacharya

Standing People

This exhibition reflects Nina’s engagement with animation, and the concept of interactivity – the layered acrylics almost compel the viewer to move a step here, pull back a little, shift to the sides and rearrange the layers to see new dimensions emerge.

But that is also a reaction one has to a tree: it stands while we pull back a little and catch a glimpse of that new leaf.

- Priyanka Bhattacharya

Exhibited at the Jehangir Art Gallery as part of a group show along with artists Shrilekha Sikander and Abhay Gaikwad.

Real Virtuality

The collection of paintings that Nina playfully titles "Real Virtuality" endeavours towards a fusion of the real and the virtual, of the seen or seeming reality and subjective reality. The transparency of the material and the cubical form enable a going beyond boundaries; the paintings easily blend with the background environment, and thereby become boundless and seamless in scope. Both the background and foreground lend meaning to the painting such that each time either of them changes, the painting changes.

Exhibited at the India International Centre Annexe, New Delhi