Nina's research areas lie at the intersection of art, design, film, material culture and anthropology. She has published in several national and international journals on themes of storytelling, visual design and ethnography. Her interests in craft traditions extend to pedagogy of learning in craft communities and is looking to take on PhD candidates interested to work in this area. She believes that one way to conserve intangible heritage is to collaborate with artists and research communities to create media artefacts that preserve the voice with the object. She has collaborated with Kutchi embroidery artists to create an animated film about migration and trauma, exploring animation as a way of doing ethnography. Her research into the Kaavad tradition of Rajasthan has led her to reflect on word-image relationships in storytelling.

Nina collaborates with research scholars and post doctoral students in her areas of research. Those interested in working with her in these areas may contact her via email or Facebook.


Research Projects

2013, Playing to Grow, Collaborative project with Falmouth University, UK. (Available on Google Play Store)

2012 onwards, Collaborative Design, IRCC, IIT Bombay

2008 onwards, IDC, IIT Bombay, Word-Image relationship, Animation and Ethnography

2006-2011 IDC, IIT Bombay, Kaavad Tradition of Rajasthan

2008, Crafts Museum, New Delhi Oral Narratives of Rajasthan

2007 onwards, IIT Bombay, Seed Grant Conservation and Repurposing of traditional time-based media

2002-2006, Ford Foundation Grant for Digital Inclusion, NID, Communication media for primary education